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Storm Team 8 Forecast: Cooler Temperatures and Possibility of Showers in Southwest Michigan

Michigan, May 14, 2023 – Sunday marks Mother’s Day and the end of a busy weekend in West Michigan.

The weather forecast for the day indicates mostly cloudy skies with a good deal of cloud cover and minimal wind in the morning.

While the morning hours are expected to be dry in most locations, there is a chance of a few showers and isolated sprinkles, particularly southwest of Grand Rapids.

Looking at the live view from Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo, the atmosphere appears relatively calm with a cloud deck overhead.

The precipitation activity remains limited, with heavier showers observed to the south and west in Wisconsin and sections of Minnesota.

Morning temperatures range from the upper 50s to around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and due to the cloud cover and gentle breeze, the highs today are only expected to reach the mid-60s.

Yesterday, Grand Rapids recorded a high of 73 degrees, a few degrees warmer than the average.

Average highs for this time of year are approaching 70 degrees in most communities, while Kalamazoo reached a high of 72 degrees.

Throughout the day, the forecast indicates a significant amount of cloud cover, cool temperatures, and a good amount of sunshine.

However, a more active weather pattern is expected to emerge starting from Monday and continue through Tuesday and Wednesday.

The latter part of the week will bring widespread showers, extending into late Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

This indicates a more active weather period with increased rainfall as we head into the weekend.

Nevertheless, the next several days are expected to have very low rain chances, and temperatures will gradually rise to around or slightly above the seasonal average.

Today, temperatures will remain in the mid-60s, while tomorrow’s high is expected to reach 70 degrees.

Tuesday will see highs in the low 70s, followed by a return to the upper 60s on Wednesday.

Thursday will bring temperatures in the low 70s.

While early morning lows on Monday briefly drop into the upper 30s, there is no immediate concern about frost or freeze events.

The future cast shows moisture moving through the area from the west during the afternoon, bringing a brief period of showers that will clear off to the south and east.

This will pave the way for clearing skies tonight, followed by a sunny day tomorrow.

As the weather pattern remains fairly quiet, with the most active weather staying to the south, there will be plenty of sunshine and activities this time of year.

Schools are preparing for graduations and open houses, which will ramp up over the next couple of weeks.

Overall, the upcoming weekend is expected to be pleasant, with daytime highs in the low 70s and lots of sunshine.

There are no major weather systems on the horizon, but a soggy stretch is anticipated later on Thursday, continuing into Friday and potentially lingering into early Saturday.

Therefore, it is advisable to enjoy the nice weather early in the week.

In conclusion, Michigan residents should prepare for cooler temperatures today and a chance of showers, especially in the southwest region.

The weather will gradually become more active later in the week, with widespread showers expected.

However, the Mother’s Day weekend is anticipated to be pleasant with sunny skies and comfortable temperatures.

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