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San Diego Weather Update: Cooler Temperatures and Chance of Light Showers Expected

San Diego, CA – As part of the Teacher Appreciation Week, ABC 10News Pinpoint Weather brings you the latest forecast for May 8, 2023.

Today, we want to extend a big shout out and a heartfelt thank you to all the teachers out there for their dedication and service to the children.

You truly deserve our appreciation.

Looking outside, we can see some clouds streaming through as we gaze over Alpine.

The current temperature is 64 degrees in El Cajon and 61 degrees in Kearny Mesa.

Along the coastline, we are experiencing mostly low 60s, with Oceanside recording similar temperatures.

However, starting tomorrow and continuing into Wednesday, we can expect cooler temperatures in the region.

There is also a slight chance of light showers on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Beyond that, we can anticipate a warming trend leading into the upcoming weekend.

The current weather pattern is influenced by a low-pressure system, which will bring about these changes.

Cooler temperatures, the possibility of precipitation, and gusty winds are expected.

Our rain futurecast indicates the chance of drizzle in the early morning hours on Tuesday, with more widespread precipitation anticipated from late Tuesday to early Wednesday.

The rainfall totals are projected to be minimal, less than a tenth of an inch throughout the county.

By Thursday, the weather will start to dry out, and the region will gradually warm up.

However, it’s worth noting that a wind advisory will be in effect tomorrow afternoon for the mountains and deserts.

Wind gusts could reach speeds of 30 to 60 miles per hour at times, so travelers heading east should take caution.

In terms of temperatures, most populated communities will see temperatures in the 60s, with Julian being slightly cooler at 59 degrees.

Looking ahead, the 7-day forecast shows a slight drop in temperatures, but by Friday and Saturday, we can expect a warm-up along the coastline, with temperatures reaching the low 70s.

In summary, cooler temperatures and the chance of light showers are on the horizon for San Diego in the coming days.

However, the weather will gradually warm up again by the weekend, offering a pleasant low 80s along the coast and warmer conditions in the mountains and deserts.

Stay tuned to ABC 10News Pinpoint Weather for the latest updates on San Diego’s weather conditions.

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