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Local Businesses Struggle with Cooler Spring Break Weather

As the last weekend of spring break comes to a close, local businesses that rely on warm weather are feeling the effects of the cooler temperatures.

Tourist dollars are a vital source of revenue for these businesses, and the lack of sunny weather has caused a drop in profits.

The South Texas Botanical Garden, a popular tourist attraction, is just one example of a business that has been impacted by the cooler weather.

The Executive Director, Dr.

Michael Wann, says that spring break sets the tone for the rest of the year, and this year, their profits are not what they’re used to.

While cooler weather may only reduce their revenues for the last couple of days of spring break, they hope it will have a minimal impact on their overall revenues for the year.

The Botanical Garden relies on revenues from admissions, gift shop sales, and memberships to keep up with their daily operations, such as paying electric and water bills and maintaining employees.

The cooler temperatures also slow down plant growth, affecting not only the plants but also the reptiles, which are cold-blooded and unable to be brought outside.

Despite the weather, the Botanical Garden still hopes to attract visitors to its indoor exhibit.

One person said that it was on their bucket list, and they weren’t going to let the cold weather deter them from visiting.

Local businesses are hoping for better weather in the coming weeks to boost their revenues and make up for the slow start to the season.

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