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A RaceTrac employee in Davenport was stabbed by a convicted felon less than a month after being released.

The incident occurred on Monday morning when the clerk, a 29-year-old mother of three, was stabbed multiple times by a customer while she was stocking shelves.

The attacker, identified as 29-year-old Marcus Tucker, approached her from behind with a pocket knife and carried out the senseless attack.

Fortunately, the clerk is expected to survive, although she was hospitalized for her injuries.

According to the police, the victim and the assailant were complete strangers, and there appears to be no apparent reason for the random act of violence.

They speculate that Tucker may have been under the influence of drugs or dealing with mental health issues.

It was revealed that Tucker is a homeless man from Winter Haven with a criminal record dating back to 2013.

He had been released from prison in April and is now facing attempted first-degree murder charges for his actions.

Authorities have condemned the attack, describing it as evil and senseless.

The incident was captured on surveillance cameras, providing evidence for Tucker’s arrest.

The community is shocked by the incident, and the RaceTrac employee is counting her blessings for surviving the horrifying ordeal.

The case serves as a reminder of the need for vigilance and safety measures, even in seemingly routine work environments.

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