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Businesses in Sacramento are claiming that the recently canceled Taco Festival never had the necessary permit to begin with.

The CEO of the Vida De Oro Foundation, Nina Perez, stated that they decided to cancel the event after a shooting incident occurred on Del Paso Boulevard, where two children and two adults were injured last Saturday night.

Perez expressed concern for people’s safety and did not want to bear the responsibility of setting up an event that could potentially result in harm.

However, businesses along the boulevard are now asserting that the foundation never obtained a permit for the festival in the first place.

The city of Sacramento confirmed that the foundation had not completed the process of receiving a permit, and the event was canceled after the shooting incident took place.

While the foundation provided signed paperwork and had already paid for the necessary barricades, they still had another step to complete in the permitting process.

Despite the permit issue, Perez emphasized that her primary concern was the safety of the community.

The shooting occurred near the businesses that have now come together in solidarity against the festival.

In response to the situation, the police were present during Friday’s event, and attendees expressed that they did not feel unsafe.

The Taco Festival has been rescheduled for June 24, providing the necessary permits are obtained.

Meanwhile, a separate incident involving the discovery of a body took place today.

The cancellation of the Taco Festival has stirred controversy in Sacramento, with businesses questioning the organizer’s lack of a permit and concerns over community safety.

The Vida De Oro Foundation’s CEO maintains that the decision to cancel was made due to the recent violence in the area.

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