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In a recent active shooting incident in Midtown Atlanta, where five women were shot at a medical facility, a “help call” was issued to law enforcement in the area.

The call was intended for all available officers to join patrol efforts.

However, it appears that a group of Atlanta officers did not respond to the call.

These officers chose to remain at their assignment, guarding a controversial police training site located in unincorporated Atlanta.

The incident sparked controversy and raised questions about the deployment of officers during such high-priority events.

Councilman Luis expressed concerns about whether the more than three dozen officers stationed at the training site in Dekalb County were called to assist in Midtown.

The councilman praised the bravery of those who rushed to the scene, acknowledging the danger involved.

The Atlanta Police Department’s Deputy Chief, representing the APD, received a heartfelt thank you from the councilman.

However, questions remain about the deployment of manpower.

Councilman Luis emphasized the need to focus resources during critical situations and raised doubts about whether the officers stationed at the training center construction site were included in the call for assistance.

The safety of the public and the property at the Law Enforcement Training Center became a point of concern.

Councilman Luis expressed his disagreement with having on-duty officers work as security guards, stating that taxpayer dollars should be utilized for a full-scale response during a crisis.

The department has yet to provide a definitive answer regarding which officers responded to the call for assistance.

The radio traffic and the busy nature of the afternoon make it difficult to determine which officers left their post to help in Midtown.

The person in charge of the detail in Dekalb County may have more information, but no response has been given thus far.

It is worth noting that the officers in Dekalb County are known for their expertise in handling active shooter incidents and are considered highly trained tactical field officers.

Despite this, all of them apparently remained at the training site instead of assisting in Midtown.

The situation has raised concerns among the public, who expected a robust response during such a critical incident.

The Atlanta Police Department is currently investigating the officers’ actions and will provide further updates as the investigation unfolds.

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