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In an online community recently, a post titled “Current Situation of Bicycle Clubs” has sparked controversy.

The last search term on Oh! Click was “Controversy over cyclists ignoring pedestrian signals.” The post featured a video recorded by a dashboard camera, capturing a group of cyclists riding in a line at an intersection in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul.

At the time, the cars were waiting for the signal, and pedestrians were crossing the street in response to the pedestrian signal.

Suddenly, a group of cyclists from the right side of the road emerged, shouting, “That’s right, Nice!” They proceeded to ignore the pedestrian signal and made a right turn, causing pedestrians to startle as they crossed the crosswalk.

On one side of the intersection, there was a pedestrian caution sign for right turns, but the cyclists paid no attention to it.

According to the regulations of the Road Traffic Act, even if the front signal is green, drivers, including cyclists, must always come to a complete stop before making a right turn at an intersection.

Netizens who watched the video expressed their dissatisfaction, stating that there seems to be no law and order.

They commented, “That’s why they behave like that.

They need to learn their lesson.” They also criticized the cyclists for gathering in groups and treating cycling as if it were a special occupation.

They emphasized the importance of following traffic regulations rather than merely showing off.

That concludes Oh! Click’s coverage of the recent incident.

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