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Benedict Canyon Hotel Project Progresses Despite Council Member’s Concerns

The controversial plan to construct a high-end hotel in Benedict Canyon is moving forward, despite objections raised by a council member during the recent Los Angeles City Council meeting.

The council was deadlocked on a vote to suspend the review process, allowing the project to proceed for now.

The proposed luxury resort in Benedict Canyon has been a subject of heated debate, primarily due to its location in a narrow canyon area, surrounded by residential neighborhoods with steep and winding roads.

Many residents expressed outrage over the idea of introducing a luxury hotel in this serene community.

However, the City Council decided against halting the project and opted to let it proceed, at least temporarily.

The envisioned hotel, named “Bull Gari Hotel,” aims to offer 58 rooms on a sprawling 32-acre site, including a parking structure, additional buildings, eight homes, and an authentic Ulher Railway.

The development would be situated in Benedict Canyon, just off the hot and dry regions of the area.

Despite the project’s appeal, it’s worth noting that the area is not zoned for hotels.

Nevertheless, the developer invested millions of dollars in lobbying efforts to obtain a permit for the hotel.

Concerned residents argue that the hotel’s establishment would lead to increased traffic and require six years of continuous construction.

Additionally, due to the region’s susceptibility to brush fires, residents fear that accommodating hundreds of guests and employees would impede evacuation in case of emergencies.

Several residents voiced these concerns during the City Council meeting.

They highlighted that the narrow roads leading through the mountains and the canyon cannot accommodate large-scale evacuations during emergencies.

The introduction of the hotel, they argue, would pose fire dangers, disrupt wildlife habitat and connectivity, and set an unfavorable precedent for further development in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Katy Urasaki, the council member representing the area, also raised allegations of a potential ethics violation.

It was revealed that council member Paul Correx had received $174,000 as payment for lobbying on behalf of the hotel.

However, despite these allegations, the majority of the City Council remained unpersuaded.

With a 7-7 vote deadlock, the project received the green light to proceed.

The City Council will revisit the issue once the city’s Planning Department releases an environmental impact report.

This report will play a crucial role in determining the project’s fate.

In the meantime, supporters of the hotel emphasize the importance of continuing the process, citing eight years of work by environmental professionals.

They believe that the proposed hotel would not only enhance property values but also contribute to the city’s tax revenue.

Notably, Benedict Canyon is home to numerous celebrities, some of whom, including Mark Walberg, Ashton Kutcher, and Mila Kunis, have expressed support for the hotel.

Conversely, opposition to the project includes figures such as Dr.

Phil and actress Stefanie Powers.

The Benedict Canyon hotel project will undoubtedly remain a contentious issue as it progresses through the review and approval process.

Residents and stakeholders on both sides of the debate eagerly await the City Council’s next vote, which will take place following the release of the environmental impact report.

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