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A banner hung in front of a fast food restaurant in Daegu has caused public outrage.

The banner, which appeared on Dongseongro Street, has the words “No parking or stopping allowed” written in large letters on a red background.

However, it also includes a picture of a young man who has been disguised as a customer for several months, secretly taking photos of people like a paparazzo.

The person who posted the banner claims to be a building resident and warns that an incredible amount of caution is needed to avoid paying a fine of 78,000 won for a violation.

The banner has been identified as the work of a building resident who was likely angered by drivers who parked illegally and filed complaints against them.

When the banner drew attention online, the person who posted it claimed to be the young man in the picture and complained that those who break the law are shameless while those who report them are vilified.

The public has questioned the legality of hanging the banner and praised the person who filed complaints as a brave individual.

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