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In a contentious school board meeting held on Tuesday night, Portland school board members and students engaged in a heated debate regarding proposed security changes in response to recent shootings near school campuses.

Over the past year, at least five students from Franklin, Cleveland, and Jefferson high schools were injured in these incidents.

The meeting, which was covered by Elise Haas of KOIN 6 News, addressed various safety and security measures that could potentially be implemented in schools.

One of the proposed changes involves reintroducing Portland police officers to school premises.

Additionally, there is consideration for installing high-tech weapons detectors at key entry points of major high school events.

Opinions among board members and students were divided on these measures.

Some argued that having more officers present would enhance safety, while others expressed concerns about the presence of guns in school hallways.

The debate intensified when one board member, Herman Green, claimed that students’ frontal lobes were not fully developed, implying they were not capable of making informed decisions.

A student named Running McMahon opposed this reasoning, emphasizing that students should have a voice in matters concerning their safety.

During the meeting, it was also revealed that a focus group study had been conducted, involving parents who were both in favor of and opposed to increased police presence.

The study’s findings highlighted the complexity of the issue and the differing perspectives within the community.

Another proposed change discussed was the implementation of weapons detection systems at key entry points during major high school events.

These systems would cost $150,000 each and aim to identify potential threats.

However, no final decisions were made during the meeting, as the board adjourned for the night without implementing or budgeting for any of the proposed changes.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 23rd.

In other news, earlier in the day, a fake bomb threat was reported at Oak Creek Elementary.

Further details regarding this incident were not provided in the available information.

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