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Contaminated Eye Drops Linked to Deaths and Blindness

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced that two more deaths and dozens of infections are linked to contaminated eye drops, bringing the total deaths connected to these recall drops to three.

The CDC officials are urging people to stop using two kinds of eye drops, both manufactured by Global Pharma Healthcare, which is based in India.

At least eight patients also reported vision loss connected to a drug-resistant bacteria found in some containers of these drops.

The death toll has risen, with three people having died, eight gone blind, and four others having to have an eyeball surgically removed due to bacterial infections caused by contaminated, recalled eye drops.

The recall was announced last month, and the CDC estimates that 68 patients across 16 states have been infected with P aragonosa bacteria, which is a strain never seen before in the US.


Distributors Delsym Pharma and Esri Care are facing multiple lawsuits, including two Federal class action suits.

An attorney representing one of the victims stated that his client lost her right eye and is now legally blind after a bacterial infection caused by Esri Care artificial tears.

Former FDA associate commissioner Peter Pitts commented that many of the companies making regulated products like eye drops don’t take quality seriously, and the supply chain issue is crucial.

He believes the solution is friend-shoring, looking for friendlier nations who are trusted with higher regards for integrity and quality and doing business with them.

This alarming update related to the contaminated eye drop recall highlights the dangers of what happens when essential medical products are brought in from overseas.

The CDC is investigating the issue further to prevent future outbreaks, and it is crucial to be more proactive in preventing these problems from happening before they reach the US.

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