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New Interest from Phoenix Investors Puts Demolition of Northridge Mall on Hold Yet Again. Conservative Leader Accuses Trudeau of Harming Canadians’ Faith in Democracy with Alleged Cover-up of Chinese Election Interference

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of “hurting Canadian’s faith in democracy” by covering up the interference of the communist Chinese government in Canadian elections.

According to Poilievre, Trudeau was aware of the interference since at least 2017 and did nothing to protect Canadian interests.

Poilievre has called for a public inquiry to reveal the truth about the interference and restore Canadians’ trust in the electoral system.

He also criticized Trudeau’s decision to appoint a member of the China-funded Trudeau Foundation to investigate the interference, calling it a “terrible situation.” Poilievre believes that Trudeau’s actions are motivated by a desire to protect his own interests, rather than those of Canadians.

The allegations have sparked controversy and raised concerns about foreign interference in Canadian politics.

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