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Conor McGregor Sets End of Summer for His Next Fight

Mixed martial artist Conor McGregor has shared his plans for the rest of 2023 during an appearance on ‘Hannity’ on Fox News.

McGregor revealed that he hopes his next fight will be at the end of summer, after fulfilling his commitments for a tour around St Patrick’s week.

He also discussed his upcoming movie, a reimagination of the cult classic ‘Roadhouse’ which stars himself, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Daniela Melchior.

In addition, McGregor has a documentary coming out on Netflix which will follow his fight career and training, giving viewers a glimpse into his family life and the hard work that goes into being a professional fighter.

McGregor also expressed interest in fighting Floyd Mayweather again, this time in the Octagon, but acknowledged the challenges of convincing a boxer to give up 90% of their weapons.

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