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George Santos, a Congressman from Long Island, has been charged by the U.S.

Department of Justice with federal crimes, according to sources.

The case reportedly involves financial matters, and Santos is expected to surrender and appear before a judge soon.

Santos has faced previous accusations of deception, including fabricating stories about his education, religion, and even his mother’s death on 9/11, which turned out to be false.

While these actions may not be criminal, the newly unearthed evidence of potential federal crimes has escalated the situation for the Congressman.

Critics have labeled Santos as a pathological liar who deceived the voters of New York State and fraudulently secured his position in the United States Congress.

Sources familiar with the matter reveal that Santos has been charged by federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York, which encompasses New York’s Third Congressional District in Queens and on Long Island.

Investigations into campaign finance irregularities have been ongoing for several months.

Robert Zimmerman, who ran against Santos in the past and attempted to expose his lies, has called on House Speaker McCarthy to remove Santos from the Republican conference.

The potential indictment of Santos has created a political dilemma, as the Republicans hold a narrow majority in Congress, and his removal could impact their razor-thin margin.

Some House Republicans have already called for Santos to resign, while others have indicated that Santos will remain in his position unless he is proven guilty.

Expelling Santos from Congress would require the support of a significant number of representatives.

Ultimately, the fate of Rep.

George Santos hangs in the balance as the legal process unfolds, with potential ramifications for both parties and the integrity of the House of Representatives.

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