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Yesterday, an interesting smell was causing concern for neighbors in Cleveland County. As a result, a news force was sent out to the area today to gather more information. The smell is originating from a waste business that deals with trash from medical marijuana companies.

Neighbors have complained that the smell is so overpowering at times that it is unpleasant to go outside. It is disturbing and has been affecting the neighborhood on Indian Hills Road for over two miles. Residents have reported smelling the strong odor multiple times a day, even late at night. Concerns have been raised about the potential health effects, as people have experienced headaches and burning sensations in their eyes.

The waste handling company, What A Waste, claims to be unaware of the complaints until recently and is working to eliminate the smell and smoke. However, neighbors are still seeking answers regarding potential hazardous materials and want better regulations to address the odor and health issues.

The Department of Environmental Quality’s Medical Marijuana Authority (DEQ MMA) also provided a statement on the matter..

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