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Community Holds Meeting to Address Deteriorating Road Conditions on North Shore

Kaaawa, Hawaii – In a town hall meeting held last night, community members and the Department of Transportation (DOT) Director Ed Sniffen came together to find solutions for the dire road situation on the North Shore.

The stretch of highway from Hauula to Kualoa has been deteriorating in certain areas over the past few years, prompting concerns about the safety and accessibility of the road.

The meeting, which took place at Kaaawa Elementary School, drew a large crowd of concerned residents.

DOT Director Ed Sniffen emphasized the importance of finding mid-term alternatives to protect the highway for the next two decades.

However, some of these alternatives may have implications for the beaches in the future.

One community member highlighted the significance of the road, stating, “This road is important.

If this road goes, no one’s gonna get home, so we had to look for an alternative passage.”

The DOT has long prioritized this portion of the highway and recognizes the need for action.

Sniffen explained, “Part of the reason we’re looking at this as a mid-term solution, a 25-year solution, is because we know we’re gonna have to do something in the future.

We can’t just wait for the road to be fine; we have to take action.”

Proposed mid-term alternatives discussed at the meeting included the construction of seawalls in areas with no wave impact or beaches, as well as rock revetment.

The DOT identified nine stretches of the highway that require attention, and the meeting provided an opportunity for community members to voice their opinions and concerns.

During the discussion, one resident raised a question about the potential for the state to force homeowners to relocate.

Sniffen responded, “Not my job, but the ocean might.”

While long-term solutions are still being evaluated, the favored option for mid-term intervention is the implementation of rock revetment in specific areas.

The DOT aims to begin this project by 2026, pending further assessments and approvals.

The community is encouraged to participate in the ongoing discussion and share their perspectives online.

The decision-making process will take into account the input and concerns of residents.

Ultimately, the goal is to find a viable and sustainable solution to address the deteriorating road conditions on the North Shore.

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