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Community Rallies Together to Save Cat Stuck in Tree

Residents of North Park came together to rescue a cat stuck high up in a tree for a week.

The poor kitty was dehydrated, traumatized, and scared from all the attention it was getting from the police and firefighters, not to mention the height.

Fortunately, Rob, a certified arborist, used his skills to help the cat down safely.

A naturalist, who often works in the park, said it was not her first cat rescue, but it was unusual for it to be a house cat.

The rescue mission drew a lot of attention, and people were excited to see a happy ending.

Frankie’s Cat Rescue has already found a foster home for the cat until potential owners come forward with proof of ownership.

The group is also collecting donations to help with the cat’s care.

The community’s effort to save the cat was inspiring, and it shows that even the smallest creatures can bring people together.

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