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A 15-year-old boy in San Jose was tragically struck and killed by a car near his apartment complex, leaving the community in mourning.

The incident occurred when another teenager was driving the vehicle that struck the victim.

The aunt of the deceased teenager expressed that he was deeply loved by those around him.

The investigation into the incident is still ongoing, and at present, there is no information regarding the circumstances leading up to the collision or any arrests made.

The San Jose community is grieving the loss of this young boy, who was hit and killed in close proximity to his apartment complex.

Authorities have revealed that a teenage driver was operating the vehicle involved in the accident.

The victim’s aunt, Dave Detailing, spoke about the devastating impact on the family, emphasizing that they are grappling with the loss of their child.

The family of Justin Astaire, the victim, is leaning on one another for support during this dark and challenging time.

As an immigrant family from the Philippines, they cherished Justin as a positive young man with a bright future.

Unfortunately, their lives were shattered by this tragic event.

The San Jose Police Department is still investigating the incident, stating that the teenage driver struck Justin shortly before 1 a.m.

on Wednesday at his apartment complex on Rinconada Drive.

He succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

Authorities have clarified that there is no indication of intent at this point and are treating the incident as an unfortunate vehicle collision.

The female teenage driver reportedly struck Justin at a low rate of speed while entering the apartment complex.

The specific details regarding the relationship between the driver and Justin or how the accident transpired remain unclear.

Currently, no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

However, the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

While the investigation unfolds, Justin’s friends from Willow Glen High School continue to pay their respects.

Many of them have brought flowers and candles to his memorial, each grieving in their own way.

The students are finding solace in communicating through text messages to support one another.

The school community at Willow Glen High School is also coming together to help students cope with the loss.

The San Jose Unified School District has made school counselors and additional resources available to those in need, acknowledging that each student reacts differently to such news.

Near Justin’s memorial, his family is profoundly moved by the outpouring of support from his friends, which demonstrates the significant impact he had on their lives.

They describe Justin as a very happy person and express sadness at not having had the chance to meet his friends until now.

The love and support shown by his friends are a clear testament to how deeply he was cherished.

As for the teenage driver, she has been released to the custody of her parents.

The district attorney will determine whether charges will be filed.

To assist Justin’s family with the financial burden they face during this difficult time, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover expenses associated with his passing.

The community continues to rally around the family, providing support and consolation as they navigate through this heartbreaking loss.

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