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Communities across the United States are grappling with the challenge of meeting the needs of recent migrants, as the effects of the influx extend far beyond the southern border.

Cities from coast to coast are struggling to cope with the strain on their resources.

NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez provides a report on the situation for TODAY.

In an effort to keep migrants out, the county has resorted to suing, although some had already been transported to a hotel before the legal action.

The impact of the ongoing migrant influx is now being felt well beyond the southern border.

Just recently, two buses carrying nearly 100 migrants arrived in New York City from Texas.

Meanwhile, cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, and Pittsburgh are facing significant strain on their shelters due to the increasing number of migrants arriving.

Since the expiration of the COVID border policy Title 42 last week, the number of illegal border crossings has decreased each day.

However, newly released court documents reveal that over 6,300 migrants were released into the United States last Thursday and Friday alone.

In Chicago, makeshift showers have been set up for migrants living in police stations.

One migrant interviewed expressed concern about the lack of showers, stating that some individuals had not had access to proper bathing facilities for up to two weeks.

In New York City, parents and even students are protesting against a new plan to temporarily house asylum seekers in school gyms.

Some residents are worried and questioning why the migrants cannot be sent elsewhere.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams claims that there is simply no available space elsewhere.

A woman who had been living in an emergency shelter in Times Square for four months shared her struggle, explaining that she is trying to save enough money to find another place to go.

Mayor Adams criticized the Biden administration for what he perceives as inadequate support for New York City in handling the migrant situation, stating that they are not receiving the support they deserve.

The immigration debate has now spilled into the suburbs, with Orange County, New York, obtaining a temporary restraining order to halt the busing of migrants to a local hotel.

Homeless veterans were displaced from the hotel to accommodate the migrants, prompting concerns about the treatment of veterans and the message being sent.

Court battles are anticipated in the coming days as the situation continues to unfold.

Budget officials in New York City estimate that the costs of housing and caring for migrants will be significant, further adding to the challenges faced by communities across the country.

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