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Columbia Parks and Rec Implements Safety Measures on MKT Trail


– In the wake of a recent assault on the MKT Trail, Columbia Parks and Recreation is taking steps to ensure the safety of trail users.

The incident involved a 30-year-old man, Michael Tyrone Council Jr., who has been arrested and charged with first-degree attempted rape and property damage.

According to the Columbia Police Department, the assault occurred at the intersection of MKT Trail and Stadium Boulevard late last night.

The victim reported that Council had pursued her, tackled her, and attempted to undress her while she was running on the trail.

Fortunately, the police responded swiftly and discovered that Council was in the process of assaulting two other women further up the trail, leading to his immediate arrest.

To address concerns and prevent similar incidents, Columbia Parks and Recreation has implemented safety resources along the MKT Trail.

Gabe Huffington, the Director of Parks and Recreation, revealed that they have two park rangers patrolling Columbia parks and a team of volunteers keeping a watchful eye on the trails.

These measures aim to ensure the security of trail users and prevent such horrifying attacks from happening again.

Huffington emphasized the importance of community involvement in maintaining a safe environment.

He urged fellow trail users to step up and assist if they ever witness suspicious activities.

The director also mentioned the existence of a volunteer park patrol, which plays a crucial role in notifying authorities of any issues encountered during their walks along the trail system.

When using the trails, Huffington advised individuals to be vigilant and take necessary precautions.

It is recommended to have a companion when possible and carry a cell phone, whistle, or other noisemakers to alert others in case of emergencies.

The goal is to create an environment where everyone looks out for one another’s safety.

Trail user George Smith expressed his belief that all trail users should be actively observant and ready to intervene if necessary, even if the situation does not directly involve them.

The collective effort and vigilance of the trail community can significantly contribute to maintaining a secure environment for everyone.

Columbia Parks and Recreation is also considering additional safety measures, such as the installation of more emergency lines along the trails.

These lines serve as a direct connection to authorities, providing users with a means to report incidents promptly.

The community’s cooperation and support are crucial in ensuring the safety of Columbia’s parks and trails.

By working together and remaining watchful, residents can help create an environment where everyone can enjoy the city’s natural resources without fear.

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