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Colorado Considers Bill for Substance-Free Seating at Large Venues

Colorado could become the first state to require substance-free seating at large entertainment venues if a new bill being considered in the Senate is passed.

The bill calls for entertainment venues with a capacity of more than 7,000 people, including stadiums and arenas such as Coors Field, Power Field, Red Rocks, and Folsom Field, to designate four percent of their seats to substance-free seating.

The seats would be inclusive for people with disabilities and cannot be exclusively located in the nosebleeds section.

Advocates for the bill argue that it would provide an option for people who are navigating sobriety and would like to attend events without being exposed to drugs or alcohol.

Non-profit organization Sober AF Entertainment already hosts events with sober seating and supports the bill.

While half of the NFL teams and the Boston Red Sox already have some type of substance-free seating, Colorado would be the first state in the country to make it mandatory.

The bill was set to have a hearing at the Colorado State Capitol on March 28th, and the group is working to gather more support for the measure.

Colorado made history in 2012 when it became the first state to legalize marijuana.

If the substance-free seating bill is passed, it would mark another milestone for the state in the realm of drug policy.

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