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Colombia’s Municipality of Los Santos, Santander, is the Most Seismically Active in the Country

The strong earthquake that struck early in the morning on Friday, March 10th, with its epicenter on the Mesa de Los Santos in Santander, served as a reminder that Colombia has the world’s “second seismic nest,”…

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The recent strong earthquake that struck with its epicenter on the Mesa de Los Santos in Santander, reminds us that Colombia is home to the world’s second largest seismic nest.

The municipality of Los Santos is located in this region on the Eastern Cordillera.

To get there, you can take the highway from Bucaramanga, passing through Piedecuesta and traveling 62 kilometers.

This area is also known as the “land of earthquakes,” and locals say they feel at least 10 tremors per day.

However, they are generally very mild and barely noticeable.

Today’s earthquake was much stronger, but for residents of Los Santos, living with earthquakes is a part of their daily life.

For many people who were born in Los Santos, seismic movements are normal and are not a cause for alarm.

While the area is located on one of the largest seismic nests in the world, residents are not entirely sure what it means to live in such an area.

When there are frequent tremors, some people say they feel dizzy, but the intensity is not always strong enough to be felt.

In fact, the release of seismic energy can actually be a relief for residents of this area.

Despite the seismic activity, Los Santos is a popular tourist destination known for its peaceful way of life, colonial-style homes, and daily earthquakes.

While some people are fearful of earthquakes, in Los Santos, they attract thousands of tourists who come to experience the unique seismic activity of the area.

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