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Colombian Ambassador Luis Gilberto Murillo Fine-Tunes Details for High-Level Dialogue Between US and Colombia

With just four days to go until the installation of the high-level dialogue between Colombia and the United States on American soil, Ambassador Luis Gilberto Murillo moves through the corridors of the Capitol with high expectations.

The next Monday, the high-level dialogue between the governments of the United States and Colombia will be held in Washington.

In anticipation of this meeting, Colombian Ambassador Luis Gilberto Murillo visited the Capitol to meet with Republicans, trying to secure bipartisan support and calm criticism from members of that party.

The high-level dialogue between Colombia and the United States will involve the participation of the Deputy Director of the National Security Council, Wendy Sherman from the Department of State, and officials from the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and the White House.

The dialogue will be very fluid, with a total of five Colombian ministers and 60 officials expected to participate.

In addition, an alternate table will be held with Congressmen.

Ambassador Murillo mainly met with Republicans who have been critical of the Petro Administration.

As usual, the fight against narcotics will be a central point on the agenda.

Last week, Subsecretary Nichols stated that he saw it difficult for Colombia to succeed in its strategy if it reduced eradication.

The balance is positive, at least in terms of military cooperation, as stated by the head of the Southern Command in Congress.

Despite this, Colombia remains a very strategic country for the United States, and our relationship continues to be very strong.

President Gustavo Petro was invited by President Joe Biden to the Summit of Democracies next week, and Colombia will participate in the plenary session and a ministerial session.

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