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A new drinking trend called “borg” has caused concern among college officials across the United States, with warnings being issued ahead of St.

Patrick’s Day weekend.

The trend involves a punch-like mixture of vodka, water, flavored electrolytes, and caffeine, enough to fill a gallon jug, which is reserved for one person and topped off with a punny label.

The electrolytes and water are believed to help curb hangovers, but experts warn that “borging” is still binge drinking, as drinking 8 to 16 shots of alcohol in a short period of time is still excessive.

Some colleges have reported hospitalizations related to the trend, and officials are considering steps to improve alcohol education and intervention.

Boston University has even warned its students about the risks of borging, asking them to consider safer alternatives such as using less alcohol and skipping the caffeine.

Experts are calling for young people to make healthier decisions, and parents are urged to understand that nothing about a borg makes it safe.

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