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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

Tonight’s vote for the CMS Bond referendum has been called in favor, with 63% voting yes and 37% voting no. The bond proposal aims to raise $2.5 billion for 30 different projects, primarily focused on replacing older schools with new facilities and repurposing others. The funds will also cover design work for new schools, facilities, and the construction of three new Middle Schools.

This historic referendum has been deemed the most expensive school bond referendum in North Carolina State history. The Charlotte business alliance has shown support for the bond measure, emphasizing the numerous projects and the necessity of the funds for the school district.

However, there has been opposition from individuals who believe the money should be used elsewhere. Despite this, improving school buildings can help with teacher recruitment and retention.

The bond also includes a three-cent tax increase per $100 on properties valued over $400,000, which has raised concerns among low-income residents in Charlotte. Supporters argue that taxes will increase regardless, and it is important to allocate some of it towards schools. If the bond did not pass, the projects would still be completed but with added time and potentially higher costs due to inflation..

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