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NEWS CENTER Maine Weather Forecast: Cloudy Skies and Scattered Showers Expected

In the updated weather video forecast from NEWS CENTER Maine, meteorologist Keith discusses the current weather conditions.

He mentions that pickleball, an indoor or outdoor game, seems to be a popular choice this week due to the mostly cloudy and showery weather.

Keith reflects on how pickleball gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, although it wouldn’t have been on his list of anticipated trends.

Looking at the satellite imagery, Keith points out that earlier there was a little sunshine along the coastline, but it quickly gave way to clouds.

He then turns to the radar, describing the current weather situation as a “smorgasbord of showers” across the state.

While some areas are experiencing drizzle, the chance of showers persists throughout the evening.

However, Keith highlights a positive aspect: an upper-level low-pressure system is keeping smoke from wildfires in other regions away from Maine, ensuring good air quality.

Keith acknowledges a slight haze over far southern Maine but explains that it is not significant enough to impact air quality or visibility.

Despite the overcast conditions, he tries to find a positive side to the upper-level low-pressure system, emphasizing its role in keeping the smoke away from the state.

The forecast for the upcoming days includes continued cloudiness, scattered showers, and temperatures around 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the night.

The following day, temperatures will reach the mid to upper 50s, with showers remaining in the forecast.

By Friday, there will be a few more breaks of sun, and temperatures will rise into the low 60s.

Although showers will still be present, they will have a more summery feel.

Slow progress is expected, and by Saturday, more sun is anticipated during the first half of the day, with pop-up showers in the afternoon.

Sunday and Monday are expected to be pleasant, with a mix of sun and clouds.

On Monday, temperatures may even reach the low 80s in some areas.

However, rain is expected to return on Tuesday night and continue into Wednesday.

Looking ahead, the weather pattern is expected to remain unsettled throughout the following week, with a potential shift around the 15th.

Keith mentions that they will be monitoring the situation and hopes for a change in weather conditions.

While the forecast may not be ideal for outdoor activities this week, there is optimism for better weather in the near future.

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