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Cleveland Botanical Garden Kicks Off House Plant Exhibit

Spring has officially started, but the weather outside may not feel like it.

Luckily, the Cleveland Botanical Garden is bringing the season indoors with their house plant exhibit.

The exhibit features a variety of unique plants, both large and small, in unique pots and planters.

The exhibit’s manager, Ryan, explains that they wanted to showcase the different types of plants that can thrive in homes with varying amounts of space and light.

Aside from the house plant exhibit, the Botanical Garden has a lot of other exciting events going on this season.

Their children’s garden opens on April 1st, and they will have daily butterfly releases starting on the same day.

The Glass House will also be full of butterflies.

Additionally, different plants will be popping up in the outdoor gardens every week.

The house plant exhibit runs from today until May 21st, and there will be plant displays, classes, and a shop where visitors can purchase their own plants.

The exhibit features succulents and cacti, as well as plants that require different levels of attention and care.

Tickets are priced between $13 and $19, and membership options are also available.

Those interested in attending the exhibit can find more information at

With so much to offer, the Cleveland Botanical Garden is the perfect place to get into the spirit of spring.

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