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Clearwater police use technology and good police work to arrest shooting suspect within 24 hours

Jonathan Stanley, 20, was arrested by Clearwater police within 24 hours of a deadly shooting that took place on Clearwater Beach.

The shooting occurred on Tuesday night inside a Surf Style store, where Stanley shot Rodney Sweeney two times, killing him.

Police used video surveillance to identify Stanley, who was seen in the footage hiding the murder weapon inside the store before fleeing the scene.

Chief Dan Slaughter of Clearwater police praised the quick arrest, attributing it to both good police work and the use of surveillance cameras.

He warned potential offenders that his officers are always watching and urged Spring Breakers to take note of the police’s rapid response to such crimes.

Slaughter also highlighted that Stanley and his group of friends appeared to have gone to the store with the intent to fight.

In addition to Stanley, a 19-year-old was also arrested for assisting Stanley despite being aware that he was wanted by the police.

Police believe that a verbal fight throughout the day between the two groups culminated in the shooting.

Stanley is currently being held on a $750,000 bond.

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