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Businesses in downtown Sisters had to take matters into their own hands on Friday when the city’s contracted snow removal service was unable to plow the sidewalks due to an “unexpected morning storm and traffic safety conditions,” according to an email sent to businesses by the city.

While crews were able to clear the streets, business owners were encouraged to clear the areas in front of their shops.

Some owners said they were already planning on shoveling anyway and didn’t mind, but others expressed concern for elderly women who may have to clear the snow themselves.

Meanwhile, Central Oregon has seen more than 25 days of snowfall since the start of 2023, leading to an increase in vehicle repairs and demand for snow removal services.

However, some businesses, such as the Powder House in the Old Mill District, are taking advantage of the snow by offering sales and extending their ski season.

Wanderlust Tours also said they will be able to extend their season for snowshoeing tours.

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