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POOL SEASON IN JEOPARDY: Pittsburgh Faces Potential Pool Closures Due to Lifeguard Shortage

PITTSBURGH – As summer approaches, the city of Pittsburgh is facing a concerning predicament: a shortage of lifeguards that could result in several pools being closed this season.

Mayor Ed Gainey has made an urgent plea for more lifeguards to ensure the safety and enjoyment of residents during the hot summer months.

With the pool season almost here, the mayor expressed his concerns about the current staffing situation.

“We will not be able to open all the pools unless we can hire more lifeguards,” Mayor Gainey emphasized.

The shortage poses a significant challenge to the city’s plan of providing recreational opportunities for its residents, especially the younger population.

To become a lifeguard, the minimum age requirement is 16, with the condition that applicants must turn 16 by September 5.

Additionally, candidates need to be current residents of Pittsburgh.

The city is willing to cover the expenses for lifeguard training and CPR certification, making it an excellent opportunity for individuals interested in pursuing this important role.

The mayor urged anyone with prior lifeguard experience to reach out to the city immediately.

“If you have any experience with being a lifeguard, contact the city and let’s get started because we want our children to have the best summer possible, and part of that is swimming,” Mayor Gainey stated.

The potential closure of pools due to the lack of lifeguards would not only impact the leisure activities of Pittsburgh residents but could also limit essential water-based recreational opportunities and adversely affect community health and safety.

For further information on how to apply or inquire about lifeguard positions, interested individuals are encouraged to reach out to the city administration promptly.

The city aims to rectify the situation swiftly and ensure that the pools can open for public use as soon as possible.

As the summer season approaches, the city of Pittsburgh must address the lifeguard shortage promptly to guarantee a safe and enjoyable summer for all residents.

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