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City Officials Push Back Start Date for Repaving Downtown Honolulu Streets

The repaving project for downtown Honolulu streets, originally scheduled to begin today, has been delayed, according to city officials.

The decision to push back the start date was made to minimize disruptions and alleviate traffic congestion during peak hours.

Max Rodriguez brings us the details.

Residents and commuters have long complained about the deteriorating condition of roads in downtown Honolulu, particularly on Bishop and King Streets.

Gage Swenson, a local resident, expressed his concerns, stating, “I wouldn’t ride on these streets at night because there are just too many cracks and bumps.

It needs to be smoothed out.”

The planned project includes comprehensive repairs in the urban core, such as repaving and the installation of new street markings, as well as adjustments to manhole covers.

City officials hope that by the end of the year, the downtown area will have newly paved streets.

However, administrative delays have pushed the project’s start date by a couple of weeks.

Haku Milles, a spokesperson for the city, explained, “There are some minor details that haven’t been worked out with the contractor.

Until those issues are resolved, they won’t be able to break ground or start work.” Despite the delay, the city remains committed to its road repavement plans, working in collaboration with the Transportation Services Complete Streets initiative, which aims to create more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly streets.

The ongoing Complete Streets improvements in Chinatown will now extend to the repaving of downtown roads, setting the stage for the expansion of the city’s bike lane network.

Travis Counsell, an advocate for cycling infrastructure, emphasized the importance of this project, saying, “Adding bike lanes on King Street, a protective bike lane, connecting Richards Street to the existing bike lane on Alakea, as well as improvements on Punchbowl Street, would significantly expand the network and further the Complete Streets efforts in the urban core.”

The road work is expected to continue until fall, with crews working diligently to complete the necessary repairs.

The city aims to create a safer and more efficient transportation system for all residents and visitors.

Reporting for KHON 2 News, I’m Max Rodriguez.

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