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City Council Members Propose Bills to Regulate Scaffolding in NYC

New York City lawmakers are taking action to address the issue of long-term scaffolding in the city.

Currently, there are over 9,000 active sidewalk sheds across the city, with more than 200 of them in place for over five years.

Residents and neighbors complain about the unsightly and unsafe nature of these structures, with some buildings having scaffolding and netting in place for over a decade.

On West 86th Street, a building has had scaffolding up since 2006, with no significant repairs taking place.

The scaffolding has become a safety issue and has been a constant eyesore for residents and neighbors.

Four city council members are introducing bills to stop the use of sidewalk sheds with no repairs taking place.

The proposed bills aim to provide landlords with low-interest loans to speed up costly facade work, change the design and layout safety standards, and increase fines for buildings that fail to comply with the regulations.

One bill proposes that the city steps in during the facade repair work, removes the scaffolding, and sends the bill to the building owner to get the job done.

Residents at the West 86th Street building credit Pix 11 for doing a series of reports on their scaffolding problems, which has played a critical role in highlighting the issue.

The proposed bills aim to regulate the use of scaffolding in NYC and ensure that buildings are held accountable for necessary repairs.

City council members hope that the bills will make a significant dent in the scaffolding problem across the city.

The bills are set to be introduced tomorrow morning at 11 A.M.

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