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Chinese President Xi Jinping visits Russia to meet with Putin, offers to mediate in Ukraine conflict

Chinese President Xi Jinping has visited Russia to meet with President Vladimir Putin.

This is Xi’s first foreign visit since securing a third term as China’s President, and his first visit to Russia since 2019.

During their meeting, the two leaders are expected to discuss ways to enhance strategic cooperation, with a particular focus on resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

Xi has offered to mediate in the conflict, and his experience in mediating the recent normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran has raised hopes that he can play a significant role.

However, Western countries are concerned that China may not promise to provide military support to Russia, which could weaken Russia’s position in the conflict.

Xi has said that his visit to Russia is a journey of friendship, cooperation, and peace, and Putin has welcomed China’s mediation efforts.

Following his meeting with Putin, Xi is expected to hold a video conference with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Some analysts suggest that Xi’s visit could also be an opportunity for Putin to improve his image internationally, particularly as he faces charges of war crimes from the International Criminal Court.

Nevertheless, the US and other Western countries remain skeptical of China’s peace mediation efforts in Ukraine.

Overall, Xi’s visit to Russia highlights China’s growing role in global affairs, particularly in mediating conflicts in the Middle East and now in Ukraine.

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