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China’s Growing Influence in the United States Raises Concerns

In a recent report on Fox News’ “The Evening Edit,” Jennifer Griffin discussed China’s increasing power and influence over the United States.

The focus of the report was on General Laura Richardson, the head of U.S.

Southern Command, who highlighted China’s growing influence in Latin America.

According to General Richardson, out of the 31 countries in Latin America, 21 have signed up for China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

This initiative involves China buying up deep seaports, rare earth minerals, and even establishing a new Chinese military-run space station in Argentina.

The latter could potentially be used by China to blind the U.S.

in a future conflict.

Another concerning aspect mentioned in the report is China’s involvement in the Panama Canal, through which half of the shipping containers from Asia pass each year to reach the East Coast of the United States.

China has been acquiring real estate on both ends of the canal, and since 2017, they have secured 47 bilateral agreements.

It is worth noting that the United States has not had an ambassador assigned to Panama for the past five years, and 50 ambassador positions are still awaiting confirmation by the Senate.

The report also highlights China’s control over 80% of Mexico’s telecommunications industry and a monopoly on the lithium triangle in Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile.

These three countries hold two-thirds of the world’s lithium reserves, which are crucial for electric batteries.

General Richardson expressed concern over the diminishing influence of the United States in the region, stating that the U.S.

currently has the lowest level of influence in the past 200 years.

Recent developments, such as Honduras and oil-rich Guyana renouncing ties with Taiwan under pressure from Beijing, have further shocked the U.S.

The report raises questions about the seriousness of the United States’ approach to countering China’s expanding influence and underscores the need for prompt action.

The implications of China’s rising power in the United States and Latin America are significant and require careful consideration by policymakers.

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