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beaches alone if the water is
still cold.

We want to have a
safe and enjoyable summer, so
let’s take some precautions.

According to 22 News Storm
Team meteorologist Christmas
Baucus, temperatures have been
rising in western Massachusetts

However, despite the
warmer weather, water
temperatures in the lakes and
beaches remain relatively cold.
With Massachusetts only
reaching the 50’s to low 60’s,
hypothermia can quickly set in,
especially for those who are
young or have underlying health

As we enter the month of May,
it’s important to think twice
before taking a plunge into the

Whether it’s a pool, lake,
or ocean, be aware that the
water may still be cold enough
to pose a risk.

It’s crucial to
consider your safety and the
safety of others before diving

In order to have a safe and
enjoyable summer, it is
recommended to keep an eye on
the water temperatures as the
month progresses.

Going into the
lakes or beaches alone may not
be the wisest decision if the
water is still cold.

By taking
precautions and staying
informed, we can ensure a
pleasant experience while
enjoying the outdoor activities
offered by the warmer weather.

Remember, water temperatures
may not always match the
ambient air temperature, so be
mindful of the potential risks

Stay safe, stay
informed, and have a wonderful
summer ahead.

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