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Partial Sunshine Before a Shower Passes Through NH Monday Young Artist’s Inspiring Mural Adorns Waipahu School Campus

The weekend is starting off with clear skies, but temperatures will be chilly throughout the region.

Actual air temperatures range from the mid-twenties to lower thirties, but it feels like the mid to lower teens due to the wind chill.

The core of high pressure moving down to the south and east will continue to impact the weather and clear out the skies, bringing calmer winds.

Sunday will have wall-to-wall sunshine with temperatures warming up into the lower thirties, and by mid-afternoon, temperatures will be in the mid to upper forties.

Monday is looking even better with a lot of sunshine and a high of 56 degrees.

However, Tuesday may bring some spring-like showers with a 30% chance of rain.

Temperatures will remain mild in the mid-fifties throughout midweek, but may slightly cool down towards the end of the workweek with a high of 47 degrees.

The Spring Equinox is officially on Monday afternoon at 4:24 PM.

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