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Patrick’s Day is expected to be damp, breezy, and chilly, according to WLKY Meteorologist Matt Milosevich.

The day started with some solid showers, but nothing severe or overly heavy.

The temperature is currently mild at 54 degrees, but the wind is going to shift from the south towards the north and west, bringing in colder air throughout the day.

Although rain opportunities are expected in the morning, the afternoon is expected to be drier but chillier.

Temperatures will drop towards 40 degrees by midday and only rebound slightly in the afternoon.

The evening will see temperatures falling to 38 degrees by 10:00 PM.

Rain will move away from the city by midday, and the day will trend drier.

However, some pockets of cloud cover can’t be ruled out tomorrow, which could yield a couple of flurries.

The coming weekend is expected to be fairly quiet but cold, with temperatures around 41 degrees on Saturday and 40 degrees on Sunday.

Spring will begin on a chilly note on Monday, but temperatures will get milder on Tuesday and Wednesday in the fifties, even sixties.

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