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Louisville, Kentucky – The last weekend of the winter season is expected to be a cold one in the Louisville area, according to Chief Meteorologist Jay Cardosi.

Temperatures on St.

Patrick’s Day plummeted after a front worked through the area.

The morning started in the middle and upper fifties but dropped to the thirties, with some locations already in the mid-thirties, and it is expected to stay chilly throughout the weekend.

The sun is slowly poking through the clouds, but the stiff northwesterly breeze is making it feel like it’s flirting with the freezing mark.

The city is expected to wake up to clear skies before the clouds increase, with wind chills in the morning in the twenties.

The second leg of the Triple Crown of Running is set to take place on Saturday morning at Waterfront Park, with participants likely to face temperatures around 30 degrees.

The weather is expected to remain cold until Sunday afternoon, which is the first day of spring.

However, a warm-up is expected next week, with temperatures climbing back to near 60 by Wednesday.

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