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Chilly and Windy Weather Continues in Maine, Weekend Rain Expected

Maine residents are experiencing deceptively nice but chilly weather today, with temperatures in the 40s and 30s across much of the state.

The wind is also howling, reaching speeds of 30 to 35 miles per hour in some areas.

While Portland managed to reach 50 degrees, the windy conditions make it feel even colder.

Southern and western parts of Maine are enjoying some sun, but the mountains and down east regions are seeing showers, with reports of sleet or grapple in certain areas.

The temperature is expected to remain cool throughout the day, accompanied by a persistent breeze.

Tonight, temperatures are predicted to drop significantly, with freezing or below-freezing temperatures anticipated across most of the state in the morning.

However, there is good news as temperatures are forecasted to rebound tomorrow, reaching around 60 degrees in the afternoon.

The winds will also calm down, making it feel more pleasant.

Friday is expected to be a nice day overall, with a good amount of sunshine.

The only notable factor will be the sea breeze, which hasn’t been prominent this May.

Inland areas may reach the upper 60s or around 70 degrees, while coastal regions will see temperatures around 60 degrees due to onshore flow.

Looking ahead to the weekend, there is uncertainty about the timing of the rain.

A front meeting with a low-pressure system to the south is expected to bring rain late in the day on Saturday, starting in southern Maine and spreading to central and northern areas in the evening.

The rain will continue through Saturday night, but the front will move out quickly, leading to clearing skies on Sunday morning and a pleasant afternoon.

Contrary to earlier predictions of a rainy weekend, this forecast suggests that only Saturday will be affected by showers.

Monday will see brief showers, with temperatures reaching the low 60s, followed by slightly warmer temperatures in the upper 60s on Tuesday.

Among the upcoming days, Friday is expected to be the best with the most sunshine, despite the annoyance of a sea breeze.

The Memorial Day weekend forecast is still uncertain, but more details will be available later today.

In conclusion, Mainers are advised to enjoy the first half of Saturday and the second half of Sunday, as these periods are expected to offer the best weather conditions.

It may be wise to plan outdoor activities accordingly.

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