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Chicago Student Creates Hoodie to Help Those with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders

Malachi Rucker, an 11-year-old student from Chicago, has turned his struggles with autism and bullying into a fashion solution.

Rucker has created a line of clothing, called Divergent Clothing Co., that includes a hoodie designed to help those dealing with autism and sensory processing disorders.

The hoodie has patches that allow the wearer to touch rope and hit it in the pockets to calm themselves down discreetly.

Rucker’s inspiration for the clothing line came from his own experiences of being bullied as a child because of his autism.

He found that certain environments triggered emotional responses, and fabrics and textures could make things worse.

A year ago, Rucker came up with the genius idea to create a clothing line that would help others with similar experiences.

On his website, Divergent Clothing Co., Rucker offers customized clothing that allows anyone with a sensory processing disorder to self-soothe.

He also offers shirts with positive affirmations and jeans that celebrate uniqueness.

Rucker’s trademark for his brand and a patent are in the works.

Rucker’s story is an inspiration to anyone facing challenges and overcoming them in unique ways.

Divergent Clothing Co.

is not just a clothing line, but a movement towards inclusivity and celebrating differences.

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