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Chicago police officers have been caught on surveillance video entering the wrong house on the city’s South Side.

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon in the Brainerd neighborhood, with at least six officers making entry through the kitchen.

The man who lives in the house says he believes they opened the window from the outside and unlocked the door.

The officers, who announced that they were Chicago police, were seen splitting up and searching the home.

After a few minutes, they left.

The man who lives there, who does not want to be identified, says he feels violated by the ordeal and has yet to receive an explanation from the police.

He recently moved into the home and was out of town on business when the incident occurred.

All of his doors were locked, and he says he would not have known the police were there if it weren’t for the cameras he had just installed.

The man says he is grateful that his family, including his dog, was not at home during the incident.

The Chicago Police Department has initiated an investigation into the matter, and the civilian office of police accountability is also looking into it.

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