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The Chicago Police Department is set to launch a new safety plan to ensure public safety during the summer months.

The plan comes in the wake of a violent incident that occurred last year when three teens were shot and over a dozen people were arrested.

The incident saw teens and young adults taking over parts of the city, resulting in fights and vandalism.

The police department faced criticism for being outnumbered and lacking sufficient leadership.

To address these concerns, the CPD plans to staff captains and lieutenants downtown and stage prisoner transport vans to act as a deterrent at different locations.

In addition, several pastors and community leaders marched through downtown to keep the peace.

It’s unclear if Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson or former Chief of Patrol Fred Waller were involved in these conversations.

The city’s new safety plan will be announced at a press conference scheduled for 12:30 this afternoon.

The goal of the plan is to avoid incidents like the one that occurred last year and ensure the safety of residents and visitors during the summer months.

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