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Chicago Police Respond to Surge in Shootings Over the Weekend

Chicago, IL – The city of Chicago experienced a violent weekend, with a total of 46 people shot and at least nine fatalities reported.

One of the incidents occurred early Sunday morning in the Austin neighborhood, where a memorial gathering turned into a scene of tragedy as seven individuals were shot.

Unfortunately, the violence extended to other parts of the city as well.

WGN’s Sean Lewis reported live from Lincoln Park, stating that these disturbing statistics were not what the new mayor and interim police superintendent had hoped to see.

The numbers reveal a concerning increase in violent crime in Chicago.

Just last Thursday, in the vicinity of West Webster and Chicago, a person fell victim to a robbery.

In response to the weekend’s events, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) expressed frustration over the ongoing gun violence.

The CPD’s top officials addressed the issue, emphasizing their officers’ dedication and hard work in combating crime.

However, they also acknowledged that the prevalence of firearms and the types of weapons being used pose significant challenges.

The incidents over the weekend left a trail of devastation, with 46 individuals shot and nine losing their lives.

In a particularly tragic incident, gunfire erupted during a celebration of life at Iowa and Cicero blocks, where Mayor Brandon Johnson resides with his family.

Seven people were injured, and one, 25-year-old Adams, tragically lost their life.

While murders in the city have slightly decreased compared to last year and 2021, other crimes have seen an increase.

Overall crime is up by 37.1% from 2021, with vehicle thefts experiencing the most significant surge, more than doubling from 2022 and tripling from 2021.

Despite the challenges faced by the Chicago Police Department, there remains a sense of hopefulness.

Today, 261 new CPD officers took their oath of office at Navy Pier, while several detective sergeants, captains, and others received promotions.

The department believes that these additions and advancements will contribute positively to their mission of serving and protecting the community.

Mayor Brandon Johnson expressed his optimism and urged the new officers to be role models and bring positive change to people’s lives.

He acknowledged the difficulty of the task ahead but remained hopeful about the future of Chicago.

It is important to note that Fred Waller currently serves as the interim Chicago Police Superintendent, as the search for a permanent replacement continues.

The selection process is expected to extend into the summer, if not towards the end, before a permanent superintendent is appointed.

Reporting from Lincoln Park, Sean Lewis concluded his news segment for WGN News, emphasizing the collaboration between Mayor Brandon Johnson, faith leaders, and business leaders in addressing the escalating violence in the city.

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