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Chicago Celebrates St.

Patrick’s Day with Shamrock’n the Block at Old St.


Chicago is buzzing with activity this weekend as the city celebrates St.

Patrick’s Day.

One of the many events taking place today is Shamrock’n the Block at Old Saint Pat’s, located across the street from the church at Adams and Des Plaines.

The event kicks off at 11:30 am with limited tickets available at the door.

Maura Keller, spokesperson for Old Saint Pat’s Church, shared that there will be plenty of entertainment for attendees, including Irish music, performances by the Shannon Rovers and the Shula Healy Irish Dancers, and surprises throughout the day.

The event also features beer from sponsors Guinness and dailies and Rowan Poe, and food for the entire family.

What sets Shamrock’n the Block apart from other St.

Patrick’s Day events is its welcoming spirit.

“Old Saint Patrick is the home of the Irish in Chicago, but the best part about being Irish, especially this weekend in Chicago, is that everybody’s welcome,” said Keller.

“It feels like a whole family celebration.”

The event is kid-friendly, with games and a balloon artist, making it the perfect place for the entire family to enjoy.

The festivities will continue until 5:30 pm, with new acts and performances every half hour.

With so much happening in the city today, including the dying of the Chicago River at 10 am, Shamrock’n the Block at Old St.

Pat’s offers a cozy and entertaining way to spend the day.

Attendees can stop by the heated tent after the parade or swing by before.

“It’s the perfect place to come and stop by, especially because it’s a little chilly out there,” said Keller.

For those looking for a fun and lively way to celebrate St.

Patrick’s Day, Shamrock’n the Block at Old St.

Pat’s is the place to be.

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