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Artificial Intelligence Regulation Urged by ChatGPT Chief in Congressional Testimony

The CEO of the artificial intelligence company behind ChatGPT appeared before Congress on Tuesday to stress the need for government intervention in regulating AI systems.

The increasing power of AI technology calls for measures to mitigate potential risks, according to the company’s chief executive.

In a meeting of a House subcommittee, lawmakers in Washington are currently addressing the topic of artificial intelligence and its implications for copyright laws.

The head of the company responsible for ChatGPT testified at a Senate hearing the day before, advocating for government involvement due to the nature of AI technology.

The CEO, Sam Altman, expressed the importance of transparency and accountability in AI systems.

ChatGPT gained global attention last year when it showcased its ability to provide human-like responses to questions.

However, concerns have been growing regarding potential misuse, such as cheating in academic settings, misleading people, and violating copyright laws, which could result in significant job losses.

Senator Richard Blumenthal, chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Tech, and Law, played a recorded speech during the hearing that mimicked his own voice.

The lack of transparency in AI systems was highlighted as a potential threat to public trust.

Altman acknowledged the anxieties surrounding the rapid development of AI and proposed the establishment of a national or global agency to license AI systems.

This agency would have the authority to revoke licenses if safety standards are violated, thereby ensuring accountability and promoting responsible use of AI technology.

Several U.S.

agencies have already pledged to take action against harmful AI technology that infringes on civil rights and consumer protection laws.

The ongoing hearing also features testimonies from Emmy and Grammy-winning artists, shedding light on the various perspectives and implications of AI.

As the discussions continue, it remains to be seen how Congress will respond to the call for AI regulation and what measures will be taken to strike a balance between innovation and public safety.

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