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In a recent episode of ‘Making Money,’ FOX Business host Charles Payne shared his insights on the merger between the PGA Tour and Saudi-backed LIV Golf, describing it as a “phenomenal deal.” While acknowledging the controversy surrounding the merger and the concept of sports washing, Payne pointed out the selective outrage, with some critics giving China a free pass while condemning Saudi Arabia.

He also mentioned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the questionable acts that prevented Ukraine’s NATO membership.

Despite these geopolitical concerns, there has been widespread support for economic and military aid to Ukraine.

However, Payne argued that the real issue lies in PGA’s greed, noting that golfers were not earning much until Tiger Woods emerged.

Even now, PGA players make only slightly more than Major League Soccer players, lacking the pedigree, longevity, and television audience of other major sports.

Payne concluded that while it may be a shame that Saudi Arabian money has brought attention to the PGA, from a fan’s perspective, this merger represents a fantastic opportunity.

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