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Breaking News: Fight Leads to Shooting at Buckeye Walmart

BUCKEYE, AZ – A chaotic scene unfolded at a local Walmart in Buckeye tonight after a fight escalated and gunshots were fired.

The store has been evacuated, and authorities have closed it for the remainder of the night.

Details surrounding the altercation that led to the shooting remain unclear at this time.

Witnesses at the scene reported that a fight broke out at one of the store’s entrances, and the situation quickly escalated when someone discharged a firearm.

Local law enforcement, including officers from the Watson and Numa Roads precincts, swiftly responded to the incident.

They have established a presence at the scene and are actively investigating the matter.

Fortunately, no injuries have been reported as a result of the shooting.

Everyone involved in the altercation managed to escape unharmed.

The motive behind the fight and subsequent shooting is currently unknown.

The Buckeye Walmart will remain closed for the rest of the night as authorities conduct their investigation.

Shoppers and employees were safely evacuated from the premises to ensure their well-being.

It is unclear when the store will reopen to the public.

Further updates regarding this incident will be provided as additional information becomes available.

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