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In a bizarre incident, a homeless man is accused of burglarizing an Amscot store before stealing a police car with a K-9 officer inside, resulting in a chaotic series of crashes involving several vehicles.

The incident took place in Winter Haven, and the stolen police cruiser was seen racing through the streets of Haven Dale Boulevard, causing mayhem and endangering other motorists.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing a loud crash and seeing vehicles being pushed into intersections as the stolen cruiser careened out of control.

The alarming twist in this story was the presence of Logan, the police canine, who was trapped in the back of the cruiser throughout the wild ride.

Fortunately, despite the chaos, Logan emerged from the ordeal unharmed.

The chain of events began when the suspect, identified as a 20-year-old homeless man named Jared, threw a rock through the front door of the Amscot store shortly after closing time.

Upon gaining entry, he attempted to bypass the teller area by smashing through the plexiglass.

However, police arrived at the scene and Jared swiftly changed his target.

Taking advantage of an opportunity, Jared made his way to one of the parked police cruisers.

Despite the vehicle being locked, the engine was running, allowing him to easily steal it.

With Logan still trapped in the back, the homeless man embarked on a dangerous and unpredictable joyride through the city streets.

Law enforcement officers quickly mobilized to apprehend Jared, and after a pursuit, they were able to corner him and make the arrest.

Meanwhile, the stolen police cruiser sustained significant damage from the collisions, with authorities still assessing the extent of the wreckage.

Remarkably, Logan, the courageous police K-9, emerged from the ordeal unscathed.

It is speculated that he will receive special treatment, including extra attention and treats, as a reward for enduring the chaotic experience.

In contrast, Jared will face legal consequences for his actions and will likely have a difficult journey ahead of him.

The incident serves as a reminder of the risks associated with criminal behavior and the unpredictable nature of stolen vehicles.

It also highlights the resilience and unwavering dedication of police K-9 units, who put their lives on the line to protect the community.

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