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New Video Reveals Gun Discharge Incident at Atlanta Airport

In a newly released video, the public is getting a glimpse of the moment a gun accidentally went off at the main Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in November 2021, just before Thanksgiving.

The video emerges as the individual responsible for the chaotic incident received sentencing in federal court on Wednesday.

The incident took place at the TSA checkpoint located on West Peachtree.

The person involved has been charged with murder and multiple counts of aggravated assault.

The footage provides a firsthand view of the unfortunate event that occurred at the airport back in November 2021.

According to law enforcement, the individual responsible for the chaos has now been sentenced in federal court.

Tyler Finger from FOX 5 News reports from Hartsfield Airport, shedding light on the newly released video.

It has been a year and a half since the security checkpoint at the airport plunged into chaos due to a single gunshot fired on the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving in 2021.

The shot sent travelers, TSA officers, and other staff members into a frenzy for their safety.

The person accountable for the incident has now received a 10-year sentence in federal prison.

During the chaos, the Thanksgiving travel rush turned into panic within moments at the world’s busiest airport in 2021.

Five days before the holiday, a single gunshot at the main checkpoint brought Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to a standstill.

The newly obtained security camera footage reveals what caused the pandemonium.

The individual, now identified as Kenny Wells, a convicted felon, was intending to catch a flight when investigators say he brought a gun to the airport.

As a screener conducted a bag search, Wells can be seen reaching inside, inadvertently causing the gun to discharge.

He then makes a run for it, leaving behind his boarding pass despite attempts by a supervisor to dissuade him, according to investigators.

Before leaving the airport premises, Wells discarded the stolen gun in a garbage can.

It should be noted that he should not have possessed a firearm since he was a felon.

Authorities have been unable to locate the spent cartridge or determine where the round went.

Earlier this year, Wells pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm.

On Wednesday morning, he received a 10-year sentence in federal prison.

Prior to the judge’s decision, Wells addressed the court, stating, “I panicked.

I was scared.” He further expressed taking full responsibility and emphasized that someone else had pulled the trigger.

According to federal prosecutors, the incident incurred costs exceeding $200,000 for Delta Airlines due to the disruption caused.

It is important to highlight that no individuals were struck by the bullet during the incident.

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