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Chaos erupted in Russia recently when a group of drunk Wagner soldiers engaged in a violent altercation with a businessman.

This incident is just one of the many problems being caused by the Wagner Group, which Russia has utilized extensively during the Ukraine-Russia war.

The ongoing conflict between Wagner leader Prigozhin and Kremlin leaders has added to the turmoil.

Reports indicate that Wagner soldiers, who had returned from Ukraine, instigated criminal activities within Russia.

Three soldiers from the Wagner group, identified as Yvonne Zarco, Dennis Roscoe, and Alexander Sagar, targeted a businessman in Volgograd, Russia, demanding that he hand over his store to them.

When the businessman refused to comply, the Wagner soldiers resorted to physical violence, assaulting him and coercing him into signing a contract for the sale of his property.

They proceeded to steal his belongings and money.

Authorities swiftly responded to the incident, detaining the Wagner soldiers and charging them with theft and extortion.

It is worth noting that these convicted soldiers had previously signed a contract with Wagner while incarcerated and subsequently joined the fighting in Ukraine.

This case highlights the need for reliable and timely news coverage to stay informed about such events worldwide.

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